Music – Pocket Full – Part 1.

Me being tossed by Henry, 1973.

In the course of writing A Pocket Full of Days – Part 1, I was aware of tunes and songs I’d written about certain events, or to do with places and people, that related to what I was writing so I’ve compiled them here. Only one – ‘Kings Cross’ – is a direct interpretation of an event at that time, so I guess it’s a bit of a ‘spoiler’ so take heed!

Each track was recorded by me on my 13 year old iMac in the spare room. I also try to do one or two takes only, so as to maintain a ‘live’ sort of feel. Arrangements (e.g. strings) are overdubbed, but vocals and guitar are pretty much as per the first take, so yes, there are some rough edges, but I trust this adds rather than detracts to their ‘realness’. I’d be more than happy to supply these as mp3 or wav files on request, or to post out a cd of whatever tracks you’d like. Just shoot me a note via the contact page. More of my music lurks around in Bandcamp as well, and you can find the lyrics for all of the songs there. Enjoy!

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Swing Line (Anywhere about childhood and teenage years). Happy little instrumental that evokes the brighter days of my childhood and early teenage years, as depicted in the first three or four chapters of ‘A Pocket Full’.


Old Dave (Chapter 11 A Restless Soul). A song based on a number of experiences I’ve had meeting people while hitching around, or picking up hitchhikers. ‘Dave’ as a real person doesn’t exist, but the main inspiration is Michael, the 83 year old who picked me up in New Zealand, and the morning sun we watched rising into a new day for both of us.


Baby, Won’t You Take Me Home? (Chapter 12 Baby, Can I Take You Home?). A bit of fun that reminds me of Sally, and the rest of that crazy gang, from Wellington, NZ.


Prisms (Chapter 24 The House Of Fun). Wrote this some 30 years after the events, and to avoid spoilers I’ll just say this is based on my experiences visiting friends in mental hospitals. As a good friend of mine used to say, ‘There’s more out than in, Michael, more out than in.’


Kings Cross (Chapter 29 Amanda… maybe). As I said, spoilers here. Very much exactly as it happened. Gee, I can really be such a ‘drrr’ brain at times.


Adagio 727 (Chapter 46 Something In Between). Very much about when I flew down from the Gold Coast before the wedding… gee, is that a spoiler too? Eeek!


Just Another Day (Rum and Coke) (Chapter 50 A Point Of Balance). Another short instrumental about taking joy where you can – riding in the sun, lazing on the beach and two black Chihuahuas !


Sleepy Blues (Chapter 51 Menagerie). Fruity Gordo – what more can I say?


Fake Me (Chapter 68 Same Old, Same Old). The not-so-good times. See button – push button.


Endgame – Flightfair (Chapter 69 As It Ever Was). An ending. Yet no matter how dark it can all seem, out there is a startlingly beautiful world. A two part song about pain and loss, hope and dreams. (Thanks to my brother for saving the original old tape recording).


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