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Black cat lookingYou can follow my blog on Goodreads and catch up with me on Twitter.

I can also be found most days lurking around in We Love Memoirs on Facebook.

‘One of its legs…’ is published by Ant Press, a small indie publisher that specialises in memoirs. I can’t praise this bunch of tireless workers enough. Catch up with what’s happening at the Ant Press Blog.

A great spot for getting reviews for recent memoirs and other tales is Mrs Bloggs Books. Mrs Bloggs also has featured blogs with selected writers, which are great ways to get to know more about author and book alike.

Another great memoir related blog is Fred’s Diary Blog. This is run by Robert Fear (a.k.a. ‘Fred’) who periodically runs travel writing competitions.

For all the ‘because cats’ people, there’s Completely Cats, who run a great blog and do lots of good stuff for cats.

Anyone in southern New South Wales (Australia) check out the South Coast Writers Centre for support, info and meeting local fellow writers.