Mike’s Music

GuitarMusic has been a big part of my life for over forty years. My time at ‘the cottage’ was probably my most formative period, when I had a lot of time to learn, practice and find my own ‘rivers of sound’ to float along. I’ve played solo or in groups in pubs, restaurants, concerts, cafes and even a couple of weddings. About twelve years ago I discovered the joys (and frustrations!) of digital audio workstations and gradually started recording my own compositions at home. While I don’t play in public anymore, I’d be delighted if you could take a few minutes and have a listen to my ‘stuff’.

I’ve compiled some of my tunes for my memoirs, One of its Legs are Both the SameA Pocket Full of Days, Part 1  and A Pocket Full of Days, Part 2. These are songs and instrumentals that relate to events or evoke the times and circumstances of the periods covered in each memoir. The files here are mp3 so a little quality is lost, but I can supply any of these tunes as better quality wav files, just drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you. All these tunes are also on my various cds that you can find over at Bandcamp.

bandcamp-picI’ve also made videos of a few of my acoustic guitar instrumentals and put them up on youtube: MikeC YouTube. I would really appreciate any comments on these pieces, so please drop by YouTube, have a listen and let me know what you think.

Over on Bandcamp you can find my music tracks and CDs for download, and the tracks are wav files. Won’t cost you a bomb, as they say, and you can listen to any of the tracks for free up to three full playthroughs, so please go have a look see and listen. Yes, the site really is called Bandcamp, as in: ‘…one time, at band camp…’ 😉  I’d be happy to supply physical copies of CDs and to compile a set of up to ten or so tracks of your choosing.

Here’s a short instrumental ‘sampler’ called ‘Little Troll’s Dance’. In my mind, at least, this tune evokes its title: a quiet dance done by a small female troll. If you go check out my Bandcamp site, this track is on the ‘Simple Days’ CD.



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