More About ‘One of its Legs are Both the Same’.

One of Its Legs are Both the Same is my memoir of being, as my mum would say, ‘different’. It’s an intriguing and rollicking tale of the ‘hippie’ era of the early 1970s, centred on my shared experiences at ‘the cottage’, a close-set pair of small fruit-pickers’ cottages in Mittagong, New South Wales, Australia. The story features murderous rats, painfully low door lintels, angry spiders and a rabid duck, and is interspersed with earlier recollections of relevant, if at times irreverent, childhood events. Forced to face demons of my own making, and finding guardian angels in unexpected places, I eventually find understanding of my life of difference amidst trauma, bizarre happenings (including being sexually molested by a glowing cat), serendipity and near misses, as well as beauty and much laughter.

Oh, and a lot of no sex.

While my memoir is about my experiences as someone with high functioning autism, it doesn’t focus on or provide explanations based on my condition, but readers may do so if they choose. ‘Legs’ is an open and frank recount of what was happening at the time, with no attempt to pigeonhole either myself, my condition, or any particular event.

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