Reviews for An Ordinary Boy… mostly

I find Mike an excellent story teller, he engages his readers from the first page. Each of his books takes you on a journey in time and place. I would highly recommend each and every one of his books, you won’t be disappointed! – 5 Star review (“Well written and engaging’) on 21 November 2022


It’s engaging, and makes you smile… witty, wise, and amusing… Someone else could have written about similar circumstances – but it’s how Mike Cavanagh crafts his words that makes the difference. You want to know more, you want to read on. You just want him to keep talking. … no matter what way about you read [his memoirs] they’re wonderful. – 5 Star review (Wonderfully told’) on 21 November 2022


I loved this memoir. What amazing memories of growing up in the 50’s and early 60’s. There are laugh out loud moments…what fun. I loved the descriptions of games played at school and even of the sweets that were available back then. I love Mike’s dry sense of humour and the obvious affection he has for his parents, grandparents, and siblings. That’s really quite special. Wonderful memories and a real social commentary of a quite different time, and for me from way up north in Scotland a totally different world. – 5 Star review on 08 September 2022