Reviews for A Pocket Full Of Days – Part 1 and Part 2

Reviews for Part 1

‘My goodness, what a story he has to tell! It had me in stitches one minute-and absolutely in bits the next. Just fabulous. Mike Cavanagh is a gifted storyteller who has a wonderful way with words …  entertaining, brave and revealing. Good choices of words, well thought-out… There’s real energy to his writing … not just quirky and amusing… involves such deep emotions too. Ups and downs of life, beautifully expressed on the page…’  – Amazon 5 Star UK review (Top 500 Reviewer) 2nd August 2018.

‘… told in the same very honest, almost brutally candid manner [as ‘One of Its Legs is Both the Same’] … I very much enjoyed Mike’s style of writing, which is quite conversational, and wonderfully descriptive…  could be turned into a TV drama series it has so many incredible incidents…  all make for a fascinating read. – Amazon 5 Star US review 25th September 2018

‘Told with great humor… Mike’s quirky, humorous style makes you laugh one minute but feel deeply emotional the next. It’s a love story, a finding yourself story, a hilarious look at a different era, and a thoroughly enjoyable read.’ – Amazon 5 Star US review 7th September 2018

‘This is a roller coaster ride through the early part of Mike’s life. Funny, sad, tragic and heart warming all in one book. I thoroughly enjoyed this and am looking forward to the next edition.’ – Amazon 5 Star US review 24th August 2018

‘…told in an extremely humorous and entertaining way…  The thread through the book … is about this love story, humour still threaded through this sometimes tragic tale. It is raw, honest, humorous and a no [holds] barred account of turmoils navigating his life, written in a way to hold interest and entertain. Laughing hysterically one minute and shocked the next. An entertaining and humorous read.’ – Goodreads 5 Star review, 22nd October, 2018.

‘Mike’s madcap adventures as a guitar-packing, pot-smoking, patchouli scented, barefoot hippie kept me laughing throughout this book… I love [his made-up words] and admire such an extensive and creative vocabulary… This book is for everyone who loves madcap adventure and honesty in writing. I look forward to reading Part Two.’   –   Amazon US 5 Star review, 3rd November, 2018.

‘A Pocket Full of Days: Part 1 is an absolute treat. The book is disarmingly honest, sometimes brutally so… At times I was shocked, I also laughed, but throughout I was touched by the fundamental kindness he conveys… His descriptions are exquisite and vignettes, which include toe-curling disasters, played with my emotions. I winced with embarrassment at some and chuckled my head off at others… I loved this book.’   –   Goodreads and Amazon US 5 Star review, 14th November, 2018.


Reviews For Part 2

‘I love his writing style… A crazy and complicated relationship. Dark, hard-hitting issues. He has such skill at weaving all his emotions into his writing. A complex, honest portrayal. A difficult book, with some hard happenings – but so beautifully told. You know when you watch a film and get so involved in it you have a lump in your throat? And tears. Tears of joy at the unexpected happy bits? This is that in a book. I had. I did. An amazing book. Powerful feels an understatement.’ Amazon 5 Star UK review (Top 500 Reviewer) 12 January 2021.

‘… a compassionate, thoughtful, and very well written account of a couple who can’t live together, but can’t live apart… a fabulous book that I really enjoyed, and you should definitely read it.’ Amazon 5 Star US review 21 January 2021.

 ‘ a brilliant book… Written in Mike’s honest, engaging and straight to the point writing style… This book had it all, tears of sadness, tears of joy and unexpected happiness… I felt honoured to be along for the ride on this very moving, emotional and personal journey.’ Amazon 5 Star UK review 23 February 2021

‘…my goodness what a powerful tribute to Jo, Mike’s first wife. What a rollercoaster of a life they had together through some incredibly challenging times… beautifully written, heart-breaking, and heart-warming and so incredibly powerful. It is a book I won’t forget.’ Amazon 5 Star UK review19 February 2021.

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