A box o’ books!

Box full of ‘A Pocket Full of Days – Part 1’ has arrived – all the way from South Carolina, clever little things! I’m just an old-fashioned guy I guess as I love to read a book in the hand; texture, weight, aroma, sound of the pages turning… mmmmm. As was the case for ‘Legs’ I also spent way too long designing, printing, laminating and trimming the corners off a bunch of bookmarks for each copy of this one… yes, it was my idea of fun.


Been great to get this memoir done and dusted; lots of memories, some chuckles, a few tears, a lot of head shaking at my own stupidity – gee, life, really. Funny thing putting stuff down on paper – it can give you a different perspective on things, sometimes a reassuring one, sometimes some real WTF! moments.

Scariest thing is that the kids will get to read this! Eeeek! Blimey, what are they going to make of Part 2 then? Lol and all that – one of the good things about being a step-dad is that you know your kids accept you for who you are… it’s their choice from day 1. Bonus for me has been that Jules hasn’t threatened to divorce me… well, coupla times, but she didn’t mean it! Yah me! 🙂

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